Oenone Hammersley’s

Paintings of Magnificent Trees in oil on canvas

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All paintings and images copyright Oenone Hammersley.


Oenone’s recent theme is to marry realism with abstraction. The lush realistic vegetation in the foreground and it’s depiction of natural serenity surrenders to the haunting abstraction in the distance. These paintings have won awards from the Arts Club of Washington and N.A.W.A in Florida.


Colour and light are used to emphasize a vanishing world of wildlife and wilderness that implores one to take notice, appreciate the rare and raw beauty about us, and allow our imagination to roam about the abstract compositions symbolizing the unsettled and unsettling world in which man alters nature.

Natural Resources Water and Trees:

Oenone’s paintings of Trees and Water are part of an ongoing body of work that illustrate both the beauty and fragility of our natural resources.