In May 2021 Oenone won bronze award for Cascading Reflections 1 in Camelback Gallery’s ‘Shades of Blue’ exhibition.

In May 2021 Oenone won best talent award from Art International’s abstract competition for Cascading Reflections 1..

In April 2021 Oenone won first place award for Cascading Reflections 1 at Contemporary Art Online ‘all Womens Show’.

In 2014 Oenone’s painting Snow Leopard won a Certificate of Honor at Artavita online competition.

In 2012 Oenone’s painting won second place award in Florida at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, National Association of Womens Art award for her Deep Forest painting.

In 2010 and 2011 Oenone’s paintings Deep Forest, Marqueyessac, Wild Woods with Elk and Tiger Balcony have won awards for excellence at the Arts Club of Washington D.C awarded by Chris With the curator of modern and contemporary art at the National Gallery in Washington D.C