It is amazing what the human race is capable of globally when they work together. The International day for the preservation of the ozone layer is in commemoration of the Montreal Protocol, a treaty signed on 16th September 1987. A global treaty designed to phase out the production of ozone depleting chemicals like CFC’s {chloro fluoro carbons}. Since 1987 global emissions of ozone-depleting substances have declined by more than 99%. The Antarctic ozone hole slowly started decreasing after this agreement was signed and in December 2020 closed according to the World Meteorological Organization:

What more can we do to protect the ozone layer?

1} Buy air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment that do not use HCFC’s as refrigerant.

2} Minimize the use of cleaning products and pesticides that are harmful to the environment.

3} Buy peat free compost or make your own compost.

I hope we will all continue to protect the ozone layer and fight climate change together globally.

                     Washed Away 2, Mixed Media on wood, 39″ x 39″.