“Colour and light are used to emphasize a vanishing world of wilderness that implores one to take notice, appreciate the rare and raw beauty about us, and allow our imagination to roam about the abstract compositions symbolizing the unsettled and unsettling world in which man alters nature. ”  – WWG Oenone Hammersley


Oenone Hammersley’s rich and abstract paintings in oil and mixed media on wood embodies the unsettled and unsettling world in which man alters nature. She has established a unique visual vocabulary over the course of her more than three-decade long career which she uses to emphasize the threat to our ecosystem due to the pollution in our oceans, and the poor management of our water resources. For many years, she has been working with international organizations to further awareness and support conservation.



Washed Away 2, 39″ x 39,” Mixed Media on Wood, $11,500

Hammersley’s most recent pieces focus on water and people’s relationship to water. By perfecting a method of incorporating hand painting with multi-paint pouring, her water paintings both celebrate the beauty of water from cascading reflections in the sea and warn against the human destruction of water from the continuous ripples flowing down our drains in our taps.

Cascading Reflections 1 Mixed Media on Wood 39″ x 42″ $11,500


Check out Oenone Hammersley’s Artsy Viewing Room which runs through June 18th!

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