I have been lucky enough during my life to see many of the endangered wildlife on the brink of extinction that we need to support today. From Tigers and Snow Leopards in India, Orangutans in Malaysia to Sea Turtles in Greece.

There are now so many conservation groups it’s hard to know which ones to support. I recommend choosing the smaller on the ground groups that use all or most of the money for their projects rather than the large umbrella groups with huge offices all over the world.

Sumatran Tiger

My preferences are:

 For Tigers in India: The Wildlife Protection Society of India. http://www.wpsi-india.org/wpsi/index.php

For Snow Leopards: Snow Leopard Trust. https://snowleopard.org/

For Drills and Apes in Nigeria: Pandrillus. https://www.pandrillus.org/

For Rainforests worldwide: Rainforest Trust. https://www.rainforesttrust.org

 and World Land Trust. https://www.worldlandtrust.org

For Sea Turtles in Greece: Archelon. https://www.archelon.gr/index_eng.php

For Dolphins and Whales:  http://savedolphins.eii.org/campaigns/sjd

For Ocean Conservation: Ocean Conservancy. https://oceanconservancy.org/

 and Sea Shepherd. https://seashepherd.org/

If you don’t have money to donate but would still like to help. Many of these conservation groups may welcome your support in other ways by donating your time to help on projects in your country or overseas.

Loggerhead in the Light

On this Endangered Wildlife Day there is much we can do to protect wildlife. Ten percent from the sale of my paintings goes to protecting wildlife. https://www.oenonehammersley.com