It is of course exciting to us all that finally parts of the world are getting back to ‘normal’ and galleries and museums are opening up , so this feels like a week where we can truly celebrate art and the art world ! As an artist who’s been exhibiting for many years I can’t wait until we can all enjoy the pleasure of strolling casually around galleries, exhibitions and art fairs, enjoying the private views with a glass of wine!

I long to be back where we can view art in person and really understand and see artists techniques, which is so important to me, especially I feel, in my latest collections of water paintings, which are being exhibited online at the moment. Although not in person it is an honour and so uplifting to see how galleries have imaginatively coped with these fantastic online shows and I think all us artists are grateful for their hard work and endurance.

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Now we can all get back to the galleries I hope viewers of my art will enjoy, in particular the texture in my water paintings.  It is my method of incorporating hand painting with multiple paint pouring that is creating some of my recent work. My Water paintings have become much more textural in their abstraction, and I hope the colours, the texture and movement express my passion for the environment and my concern for the pollution of the sea. These paintings have become a focal point for me and I hope are more impactful to the viewer.


‘Cascading Reflections 1’ has won several awards and is currently being exhibited with some of my other water paintings at The Contemporary Art Gallery Online in their All Women Show, 1st to 30th April 2021.

I am also showing online at Artsy in a solo show with Walter Wickiser Gallery, 17th April to 13th June 2021.

And excitingly I plan to show my work in person at the London Art Biennale at the Chelsea Town Hall 30th June to 4th July 2021.

Please do view online and of course race to the galleries now they are open in their different areas of the world and enjoy the wonder of art and the messages we artists are trying to convey in our different ways.