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Water Refraction C Small


Sirocco C








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Water: the giver of life. The ancient Greeks believed water to be a special element because it is the only one able to transform its state. Water in all its forms is depicted in Oenone’s most recent collection of oil paintings. The focus of the paintings are the patterns created by light falling on water.







Green Roots C Small

Magnificent Trees













Oenone Hammersley is best known for her rain forest and wildlife paintings. Oenone has traveled extensively and painted wildlife in Africa, South and Central America, India and Australasia.

Oenone’s recent work focuses on marrying realism with abstraction. The realistic foreground and its depiction of natural serenity surrenders to the haunting abstraction of the background compositions.

“Colour and light are used to emphasize a vanishing world of wilderness that implores one to take notice, appreciate the rare and raw beauty about us, and allow our imagination to roam about the abstract compositions symbolizing the unsettled and unsettling world in which man alters nature.”

Oenone’s paintings have won awards in Washington, DC and Florida. Oenone is a member of Artists for Conservation, the National Association of Women Artists and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


Snow Leopard C Small

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